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CSUN ARCS 2024 Application is Open

Mario Giraldo from the Geography Department is looking for students to join a project at ARCS (Autonomy Research Center for STEAHM). ARCS is looking for students that are interested in computer science and/or geography. The deadline to apply is November 1st.

In their last project, they investigated the temporal variation of sea surface temperature (SST) and cloud cover (CFC) anomalies in Southern California. They used statistical analysis to determine cause-and-effect relationships that connect to other pressing environmental issues, such as wildfires and vegetation health, that can help understand the potential impacts of climate change at the local level. However for this project, the focus is more on implementing Python.

This project is a collaboration with Jet Propulsion Laboratory NASA collaborators. Our vice president, Yashira, was in this project and she will continue in this project for this year as well. 

Find out more here: 

If you are interested in joining or knowing about the project, please reach out to (CSUN Professor) and/or Associate)

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CSUN ARCS SPOT Robot Opportunity

ARCS is also currently looking for students to program dance moves on the SPOT robot for our annual STEAHM Nexus event. They can send their resume and cover letter to the following email address: Following is the job description: Job Description: Create and Innovate Dance Moves for SPOT Robot.

Job Summary:
We are seeking 2-3 talented and passionate individuals from Computer Science or Computer Engineering background who will collaborate closely with a skilled dance instructor, pushing the boundaries of technology and dance to create mesmerizing and captivating routines. Your role will involve assessing the capabilities of the SPOT robot, refining dance moves to match its abilities, and utilizing choregraphe software to string together seamless sequenc
es. This is a unique opportunity to create an unforgettable dance experience, both delighting the audience and assisting the instructor in teaching dance lessons. You will gain hands-on experience in robotics, diving into how the SPOT robot works, understanding its capabilities and limitations, and leveraging that knowledge to innovate.

Showcase your talents on an unique platform at the prestigious STEAHM Nexus event in December and be part of an extraordinary experience.

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Fall 2023 Lockheed Martin Network of Women (LM NOW) Series!

In this series you will meet and speak with women working in STEM and Business – women who thrive, lead and positively impact their communities. Learn about their career paths and goals and the importance of building relationships, identifying strong mentors, and developing a growth mindset while pursuing your professional and personal goals. 

Registration links for the LM NOW series:

Tuesday, September 26 from 5 - 6 p.m. EST
Tuesday, October 10 from 5 - 6 p.m. EST
Tuesday, October 24 from 5 - 6 p.m. EST

Interested in Job Opportunities?
Lockheed Martin is looking for students like you to join our team! We will host two women-focused hiring events for Engineering, Software/IT, and Business majors.
 CLICK HERE to view job postings and apply. Join a team that believes in a culture of inclusivity, support and growth.

LM NOW FULL-TIME Hiring Event:
Interview date: October 18; Application deadline: October 11
LM NOW INTERN Hiring Event:
Interview date: November 8; Application deadline: November 1
Learn more about their benefits, work-life balance programs and more on their website.

*Applicants must be a U.S. citizen to be considered for an interview.*

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Public Lands Transportation Fellows Opportunity

The Western Transportation Institute is looking to hire two Public Lands Transportation Fellows for 18 month positions. Applications will start being reviewed on Friday, August 25th and will continue being accepted until the positions have been filled.

As an entry level transportation professional with the Public Lands Transportation Fellows (PLTF) program, you will work on real-world challenges and implement solutions that make a lasting impact in public lands. This program pairs transportation fellows with a National Wildlife Refuge where you will be provided a unique opportunity to gain a wide array of experiences and exposure to a range of projects such as improving transportation access, fostering community partnerships, and solving critical, unit specific transportation challenges.

This job will empower you to follow your passion and incite innovation, while expanding your transportation expertise, exploring what is it like to work with leaders at multiple levels of a federal agency, building a network of transportation and public lands professionals, and participating in unique experiences only found at a National Wildlife Refuge (past examples include bird banding and leading public events).

To Apply:

A detailed position description, financial package information and application requirements can be found at:


Northrop Grumman
Interested in finding opportunities at Northrop Grumman? Upload your resume here and sign up to be notified of any Northrop Grumman opportunities that you might qualify for!

Upload and sign up link:

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