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Join a society of pioneers, advocates and mentors who support and guide your collegiate and professional journey, and celebrate your lifelong accomplishments. You gain a vast pool of resources to nurture your personal and career development. And you impact the future of engineering and technology. 

Having a dual membership with CSUN SWE and SWE National allows you to reap many more benefits, including key access to the SWE room located in Jacaranda Room1567 and the ability to run for board positions.

Why Become A CSUN SWE Member?

Society of Women Engineers in California State University Northridge provides it's members with a solid support system to succeed in fields of engineering whether it's in school, internships or anything beyond that.

  • Participate in service, outreach, professional development, industry, and corporate events

  • Interact with engineering students of different class levels 

  • Free food at most of our events!



Why Become A National SWE Member?

As a SWE collegiate member, you will have access to resources provided by the national organization and the CSUN chapter. 

  • Access to scholarships opportunities for all educational and professional levels

  • Reduced fees for admittance to national and regional education conferences that offer networking, professional development, seminars, workshops, and leadership training.

  • Present technical papers, lead seminars and workshops at national and regional conferences. 

  • CSUN SWE will also grant all collegiate members certain perks, such as access to the SWE room. 


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